Monday, May 31, 2010

Nosh Restaurant, Geneva, IL

May 30, 2010.  St. Charles host and excellent fine arts show every year on Memorial Day weekend.  But we wanted to do that on a full stomach, so we got an early start and stopped at Nosh Restaurant in Geneva for breakfast.  As usual we split.  But the restaurant took the extra trouble to split both dishes for us and each in an very nice presentation.  The Migas de Pan Caliente was delicious.  What is is?  Well, it's three eggs (scambled) with house-made croutons, bacon, spanish chorizo, proscuitto, garlic carmelized onions and drizzled balsamic reduction.  MMMMMMMM.  It was perfect with Nosh's french toast - challah bread soaked in a vanilla-orange zest infused batter, served with lemon creme anglaise and powdered sugar.  Kate's only complaint was the croutons in the skillet.  Also, it can get very noisy.  Over all we both give Nosh 4 eggs. 
Nosh is located at 211 James Street.

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