Monday, December 21, 2009

Introducing "Chicago Breakfast with Tim and Kate"

One of our favorite things to do on Sunday morning is go out to breakfast, then take a long walk.  About a month ago we went into Chicago (we live in a suburb about 40 miles west), had breakfast and walked over 10 miles along the lake front.  Very cool.  A week later we went to President Obama's favorite breakfast spot in Hyde Park and drove around the university neighborhood in the rain.  A couple weeks after that we hit a nice little spot in Ukrainian Village on Damen called "Jams," then went to "Hot Chocolate" for, guess what?  Hot chocolate.  Jams is a tiny little restaurant with incredible breakfast offering.  But you have to get there early (we recommend before 9am) or you'll be waiting outside in the cold.  It was little pricey but worth it.

At Hot Chocolate we had the most shockingly decadent fresh hot cocoa you have ever devined.  The price was equally shocking...$14 for two cocoas (I know places I can get a chocolate martini for that!).

One reason we like to go out for breakfast is that it is so much less expensive than dinner, so we can do it more often.  We like to keep it under $25, including tip.  The hot chocolate put us way over our budget but it was a lot of fun.

Anyway, we figure every neighborhood in Chicago must have at least one good place for breakfast.  Besides, we will soon be launching our community publications in the Chicago neighborhoods, so this is the start of some serious neighborhood research. 

We don't always go out for breakfast.  Yesterday we stayed home and I made a skillet dish that Kate really likes.  (Yes, I make breakfast...really good breakfast). 

Tell us your favorite restaurant and neighborhood.  We will go there and report back to you.